Automated in-store shopper observations

How Store Impact helps Category Managers do their work better and easier

We help category management with shopper insights in 3 key areas (detailed for every category and POS location):

1. Optimize store layout with Store heatmap and footpaths

  • Where does the shopper go in-store?
  • Which gondola ends are a more effective use of money?
  • What store layout and flow will drive greater engagement and satisfaction?
  • Where does most of the traffic for my category come from?

Optimize and activate the store layout to improve the shopper experience and boost traffic for a category. Find out which areas are visited by more customers, which shelves they see and don’t see, and where they buy from. This in-store analytics information will help you make active decisions about your product placements and POS activity.

Store heatmap in in-store research

2. Optimize category experience by measuring Customer Dwell Time

  • How long does the shopper spend at the store?
  • Where do customers spend time in store?
  • What is the optimal dwell time for each category? Is it longer or shorter than currently? 
  • Is shopping for a category as quick or long as shoppers would like? Are they happy or frustrated to browse?

Customer Dwell Time is an important retail shopper behaviour analytics. Understanding where customers spend the most time means you can compare which categories and locations are more engaging. You can optimise high interest zones with high value products. Combined with our parallel shopper survey (attitudinal dwell time, i.e. to what extent shoppers want to browse a category), you can identify categories where the dwell time is shorter or longer than ideal. You can tailor the shelf strategy, simplify shelf to decrease Customer Dwell Time if shoppers want to buy quicker. Add more theater if you want to engage shoppers and increase Customer Dwell Time.

how long customer dwell time in retail is ideal

3. Identify lost sales with In-store Purchase Funnel

  • Where do you lose your shopper on the Purchase Funnel? What action do you need to take?
  • How do your conversion rates compare to the total store?
  • How does your purchase funnel compare across different retailers?
  • What proportion of your product sales comes from the different in-store locations and POS?  

The Purchase Funnel helps you understand where you lose your shoppers and where you need to intervene. You can diagnose where the issue is and invest in execution levers to convert more shoppers. Do you need to increase visibility, engagement, or the offering? You can gain unique shopper insights by comparing your category’s Purchase Funnel to the store average, department average and across different retailers and stores. By comparing the Purchase Funnels of your product at different in-store locations, you can measure the success of each POS and location.

Purchase funnel in in-store research

In-store research with Store Impact in action:

How does Store Impact work?

Shoppers are recruited in real stores before their regular shopping visits

Shoppers wear video glasses during their whole shopping visit in the store

The glasses capture where the shopper goes, what they see, touch and buy

AI-driven video analysis then turns the recordings into insightful data

In-store behavior measurement that is better than eye tracking

Store Impact in Discovery 50 reportStore Impact by Shopper Intelligence is among the top 50 retail tech start-ups operating globally, according to the Discovery 50 report published by RWRC – home of Retail Week and World Retail Congress.

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